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Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007
10:10 am
What am I working on
A regular update. My life is utterly consumed with working on the upcoming release of Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac.

The team was asked recently to reflect on the "Think Different" campaign that ran 10 years ago at the "Rebirth" of Apple. At that time I was working in Education. I was one of three Mac folk on a team of 11. I was the lone Mac developer. I was continually derided by my team members for clinging to a 'dying' OS.

The Think Different commercial was very special to me. So, I was pleased when I got the chance to comment on it.

Over at Mac Mojo (the Office for Mac Team Blog) is the posting made from selected comments from across the team about the campaign and the different Geniuses chosen for the poster campaign. See if you can tell if one of my comments made the cut and if so, bonus points if you can figure out which one came from me.

The comments on the MacMojo blog posting are comprised mostly of the FUD developers learn to ignore from people who thing that if we stop coding for 30 seconds we're intentionally depriving them of features and fixes. A few nice comments.

But in the meantime... back to coding. :)

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Thursday, March 23rd, 2006
9:26 am
Something's coming... something good
Tuesday I posted that we are ramping up at Apolo Productions. I also said that a lot of other good stuff is beginning to happen.

I just got off the phone with a rep I've been interacting with for the past 13 months on a project for the company. As of Tuesday evening this project finally came to fruition.

The project was the filing for trademark. This was an important process for Apolo Productions.

I have been using the name "Apolo Productions" for my freelance work since my college days. I have used it for Theatrical productions, software contracts, computer consultation, and web services. This means the term can be found since about 1988.

In February of 2005 I filed for US Trademark on Apolo Productions.

Now the process isn't difficult... but it is time consuming and does cost money. About the same amount as it does to change a legal name.

Interestingly along the way I hit a snag that in fact became far more fortuitous that I'd have imagined.

The word "Productions" can not be trademarked. I had to file that I was not trying to trademark "Productions" I can only trademark "Apolo" (Which as it only has one "L" is not encroaching on the fair use of "Apollo"

My statement of 'invention' of that name was sufficiently "Without prior art and unique" that I own the trademark on Apolo.

There is a lot of work going on now in the "Apolo Productions" offices to tighten up the planned work we've already started doing and opening the doors to paying customers for services.

Personally, it's really quite exciting.

So... Great news today for:

Apolo Productions™

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Tuesday, March 21st, 2006
12:19 am
Status update
As we continue to work on our software research at Apolo Productions there is a lot of other good stuff happening.

Several people are considering moving to Apolo for web hosting services. We are offering discounts to brethren and bodies of the OTO off our regular fees.

I spent about 5 hours today installing and making Mason work on our OSX Server. This was quite a process and I hadve to admit it wouldn't have happened without some wonderful support from an old colleague.

Apolo Productions is aiming to offer web hosting services that are service and support oriented. This means we get the technologies you want and need working and we get out of your way.

More details forthcoming

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Wednesday, September 14th, 2005
12:53 pm
Monday, February 7th, 2005
2:28 pm
What have I been up to...
This post is cross posted both here and on lordandrei

I've been overhauling my business website. This has been pretty much the goal of the past 3 months.

The main web site is located at http://www.apolo.net

This site is an exploration into my learning PHP and mySQL. The entire main Apolo Productions site is now in PHP/mySQL and as a result has very little code. The entire hierarchy is also being maintained via CVS and as a result can report updates as they are made.

One recent update that makes me very happy is the completely new Family History site that we're building. Since the family history for my family goes, "Go back 5 generations, get to Ellis Island, find nothing, then go rent Fiddler on the Roof"; I am living my genealogical dream vicariously through jnanacandra who we've been able to research back to the 1400s and possibly even the 600s.

The ancestry site requires a log in to look at the data. You can either make your own or use the basic access offered by the user/pw combo of ancestry/ancestry.

Another major project which is finally reaching a stable point is the evolution of our internal and external networking. As I am actually hoping to offer internet hosting solutions to the public (discounted really well for members of the OTO), I really have to up the quality.

I've swapped ISPs and completely redone the internal networking architecture. I've linked to a relatively nifty image that I've made of the network topology. You may notice that some areas have been blacked out. That's primarily a really simple security mechanism to try to reduce hacking.

In other news, I've begun the process to officially register the name Apolo Productions as a trade mark. This is necessary as I may also have to deal legally with the people who I feel are cyber-squatting on apolo dot com. (I'd ask people NOT hit that domain. The owner has a web hit counter there. As a result, people looking in on the site will only encourage him to believe that the site has value)

There has been much more on a personal level. And I'll go into those details in my personal journal.

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Wednesday, September 22nd, 2004
10:51 pm
A whole new world
I should of course preface this with the following statement:

All comments in this journal are mine. They do not reflect the opinions, beliefs, support, endorsement, corroboration, attitude, or anything else someone can think of belonging to my bosses, managers, co-workers, company, fellow-code junkies, etc. These are my words and my world.

After nine long months of research, pain and anguish... I've finally gotten a major piece of corporate released software. (I consider "Launcher" to be a minor piece of corporate released software)

Today Earthlink released the newest version of its Total Access software for the Mac. Version 5.1. This is some really impressive stuff. For dialup folks it has the Accelerator technology which caches and reduces detail on graphics so pages load faster. For all users we also have an all new Scamblocker. It actually watches mail and the like in the event some spam tries to route you to one of those Fisher sites that tries to make you give up personal information and passwords.

And oh, yes. NewsAccess.

And the detailsCollapse )

In case you want more info:

You can check out the pages at Earthlink at:

I've also put up newsaccess

This lj community is by NO means official. It is not official policy or the like. Hell, it's not even tech support. But just a general stompoing place for people. It's software. I'd be crazy not to believe somebody will want to stomp a bit on it.

Maybe I'll even talk about some of those undocumented shortcuts.

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